Framed for good

As a Fine Art Trade Guild Certified Framer, I specialise in conservation framing, which is vitally important when dealing with irreplaceable works of art. The pictured frame shows an antique engraving which is over three hundred years old and extremely fragile, and an item which could be permanently damaged by incorrect handling.

The first step in dealing with this project was to ensure that only the very best museum quality mountboard was used. At Dovetail Framing I stock Crescent ‘RagMat’ board, which is made from 100% cotton rag, unlike most mountboard, which is based on wood pulp and has to be modified to reduce the acid in the board to an acceptable level. The work was then hinged using japanese mulberry paper and rice starch paste, the accepted standard for items of this quality. Finally, the whole mount package was framed with a beautiful solid oak frame, hand stained and waxed to the client’s specification.

One of the most important parts of the whole project was to select the correct quality of glass. For this, only one product was good enough – museum glass from ArtGlass, which is not only clever, blocking up to 99% of harmful UV light, but also stunning, as it remains virtually invisible to the viewer.

Not every project demands this kind of attention to detail, but where irreplaceable artwork is concerned, it’s reassuring to know that your treasures are in good hands!

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